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Big Brother
Big Brother

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PostSubject: >> CELEBRITIES...   >> CELEBRITIES... I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2018 11:12 pm

>> CELEBRITIES... Tumblr_phhcvlzuGq1tffogto10_r1_1280


>> CELEBRITIES... Tumblr_pi5h37L0hO1tffogto10_r1_250 Vs. >> CELEBRITIES... Tumblr_pi5h37L0hO1tffogto5_r1_250 Vs. >> CELEBRITIES... Tumblr_pi5h37L0hO1tffogto7_r1_250

JOSUÉ, REGGIE & VIOLA face Eviction from the Big Brother house...

Tomorrow night you will be Evicting ONE of them.

POWER HOUSEMATE - please lock in your target.

[Can you all DM me on Twitter with the name of the Celebrity you want to send home - you don't need to give a reason, just need a name of who you're evicting. You have until 7pm TUESDAY (tomorrow) to vote.

Power Housemate - your vote won't count, as you are the power holder, but please DM the name of the Celebrity you are targeting for Eviction. This means they are the person you want the house to vote out tomorrow.

Nominees CANNOT vote. In the event of a tie the Power Housemate will decide who leaves.

You are voting as your HOUSEMATE and not as yourself]


>> CELEBRITIES... Tumblr_phhcvlzuGq1tffogto10_r1_1280
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